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A&L Barry Pty Ltd t/a Griffin Property Commercial & Industrial needs to collect personal information from our clients to be able to offer our services.
All personal information that our clients provide is treated with the appropriate level of privacy and confidentiality. Your personal information will only be disclosed to potential tenants after they have signed our confidentiality agreement and will only be used by us to undertake the service you have contracted us to provide
The personal information you provide to us is required for us to act as your agent in the sale of your business or property. The information will be provided to potential tenants and also to you or your potential tenants’ advisors, representatives, financial institutions solicitors, accountants and authorities that may require this information to allow us to complete the sale of your business or property. 
The information that is required will be;
Personal Information provided on our Agreement and Schedules attached to the Agreement.
Information required completing an Information Memorandum or Profile of the business or property.
Additional information requested by potential buyers or their representatives.
Our clients may access their personal information during normal office hours at our place of business.
By signing our Agreement you accept our Privacy Policy and agree to allow us to disclose your personal information as required to enable us to complete the service for which you have contracted us. 
A&L Barry Pty Ltd t/a Griffin Property Commercial & Industrial, ABN: 02 098 459 879 is an organisation within the meaning of the Privacy Act 1988 (as amended) with its place of business situated at:

Telephone: 0408 034 211

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