COVID 19 Disaster or opportunity

Submitted almost 4 years ago by Alan Barry

No one wants to profit from the misfortune of others but the COVID 19 pandemic has caused a collapse in demand for the traditional office design. Owners and Landlords have to do something so see this as an opportunity to redesign your office buildings and make the office building attractive in the post COVID 19 world.

Companies of all sizes in all countries on all continents in the world have been talking about working from homes for years the technologies have existed for years, but it has always been too hard until now.

COVID 19 has forced working from home upon us!

Guess what working from home is great it really work, employees are happier and more productive, the technology works, new technologies are developing and most importantly it costs companies way less.

The huge rent bills of the past will remain in the past. Companies will reduce their rent bills to a fraction of what they were and provide space tailored to be COVID 19 safe. The cost factor alone will drive this trend.

This article on the BBC website puts it way better than I could please click on the link below to read about what the future of office working could be:
"This is what Corona virus will do to our office and homes"

Be safe and careful follow medical advice

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